Junior & Academy Coaching

Academy Coaching  


Aberdovey has one of the most successful beginner / Academy programmes in Wales. Designed by Head Professional Andrew Humphreys it offers a great way to Give Golf a Go. The 3 level programme covers all the basics and is a cheap way to see if the game of Golf is for you. Over the last 9 years we have introduced over 1000 people to the game a large proportion now are full members of club across Mid Wales. 


Group Coaching & Junior Coaching
As well as individual training, group tuition can also be arranged with junior coaching being a speciality within the Academy 

Using our own junior coaching plan children are introduced to all aspects of the game from the golf swing, rules of golf, etiquette and most importantly that golf is first and foremost ‘fun’

In addition to this we are very focussed on the importance of physical development within Juniors, so we also focus on their physical development and use golf to help them grow and develop.

Our junior sessions are designed to cater for all ages and abilities. Coaching sessions run in either 6 week blocks and are limited to groups of 8 per session.  Each block will see junior advance their skills and work towards obtaining their first Club handicap or playing for one of our junior teams.
Or try out our new Roll Up sessions where you can try it a week at a time to see how they get on. 

See below for the latest series of coaching available and contact the shop to get booked in.



Junior Golf Roll-Ups @ Aberdovey this summer

Coaching Tuesday Evening (from 10th August) 4-6pm £5.00 PH

Coaching Thursday Evening (from 12th August) 4-6pm £5.00 PH

Coaching Saturday (from 14th August) 2-3pm £5.00 PH


Junior Summer Camps @ Aberdovey

Sunday 8th August 1pm - 5pm  £25.00

Sunday 29th August 1pm - 5pm £25.00


For further information on Junior, Mens or Ladies (or a combination) group sessions please contact the team on:
T:  01654 767493