Custom Fitting

State of the Art Custom Fitting

With our new purpose built Custom Fit studio linked to our state of the art Trackman, custom fitting at Aberdovey Golf Club, just took a huge step forwards.

We are amongst a handful of UK businesses that offer first class experience, service and results. 

We can fit you for Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges & Putters, so whichever part of your game you are looking to improve, we can help you out

The Process

1 - Once you have booked your Custom Fit Session at Aberdovey Pro Shop you will receive an email with a questionnaire about your current golf game, this gives us insight into your game and helps us hit the ground running.

2 - We spend the first part of the session discussing your game, you can then start to warm up if you haven’t done so already.

3 - You’ll then hit some shots with your existing clubs, this enables us to analyse your golf swing characteristics including tempo and release plus the Trackman data will give us the blueprint to establish how we can improve upon your current equipment setup.

We make use of Trackman 4 to help us ensure accuracy and reliability of the data we use.

Which Clubs?

Clubs will be selected with various shafts and specifications to try based on the data we've collected.

Throughout these tests we constantly monitor your feedback about club feel, weight and the look, as it’s equally important that you are happy with the appearance and feel of the equipment, as well as the performance data.

The end result will be the exact specification for you including

head type, loft and lie,
shaft type, flex, torque, bend profile and length
grip type and grip size.

This all ensures the equipment is optimised for you, with the aim of lowering your scores and increasing your enjoyment.

Should you wish to invest in this new equipment will either be ordered from the manufacturer or built up for you right here on the Welsh coast.

When your clubs are ready for collection we will run through a short review session with you to ensure they have been built to the specs that we worked through.

To find out more pop into the shop, email us or call us on 01654 767493 to speak to one of the team and get yourself booked in.